Sunday, 3 August 2014

Artmor Project - all done

All the pieces finished, ready to be boxed up and sent back to the States.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Artmor Project - right section

More progress with The Artmor Project piece, this time the upper portion of the right section:
Pic 1 - I wanted a "folded out piece" much like a part of the Thing's torso does when its grown massive in the dog pound in the film that a dog comes out of, and this is my nod to that, done in a sort of grey tone to match the film.
Pic 2 - The original plan was to have the inside of it to have a bunch of eyes looking out. But, when i'd hand-painted the pupils, they looked pretty rubbish compared to the glass eyes i'm using.
At the same time of realising i'd have to have a rethink, the Star Wars In Character podcast had announced on their FB page that the next subject would be the Tauntaun and talk had turned to the gutting of one by Solo.
Someone had commented on there how the creatures innards looked a bit like the inside of Ash in "Alien." Which had not only occured to me before (and is a great point) but got me thinking how the beads i'd used could be sort of like the ball things in Ash's workings. And, how about if when painted i then covered them with stringy muck to not only suggest that, but maybe also the membranes seen on top of the Alien eggs as they open up?
That's a go then - and here we are with the balls as they are at the moment, with icky stuff about to be applied.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Artmor Project - almost done.

Apologies for no update in quite a while, but i'm not really kit building at the moment and every spare moment i have is taken up with the two art projects i have on the go.
As ever, much more in the way of progress shots are to be found on my Mr E Models facebook page.
Anyway, here we are with the first section of the Artmor Project piece all done.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Artmor Project - reference

I'm indebted to the Artmor Project for giving me the opportunity to finally get this magazine.
Long believed to be "the bible" for any fan of "John Carpenters The Thing" or the work of Rob Bottin, i've off and on tried to get myself a copy. But they've always gone for big bucks.
But, with me doing my build based on the film, i thought i'd try again.
And sure glad i did - just bagged me this mint edition copy off the 'Bay for only £6.00 :)
And, WOW!
FANTASTIC coverage - loads of pages of really indepth stuff, with excellent photos.
Sure, most are on the DVD extras or the Net, but nothing beats holding it in your hands - especially for reference sakes.
Sadly, nothing on "Split Face" but don't regret the buy for a second.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Artmor Project comes round again.

You may remember last year how i took part in the excellent charity event, The Artmor Project. The brief was simple - folk were given a blank set of Mandolorian chest plate armour and given free reign to come up with anything they like, and the finished results would be auctioned off for the Toys For Tots cause.
A very noble cause and i was dead chuffed to take part. I knew though that i wouldn't be painting the plates as i get so darn frustrated by not being able to put whats up in my head onto a flat surface.
So instead i glued the pieces to a board and made a diorama of Jawas and Tusken Raiders fighting over a Droid that was stuck on an island in the middle of a Sarlacc nest:

Well, a years passed and folk have been asked again if they'd like to take part and, of course, i'd love to.
But, what to do?
Again, not confident to paint so it'd have to be another sculpt. But what?
I started thinking outside of Star Wars as i'd already done that and considered a whole bunch of films and TV shows. Wasn't long before "John Carpenters The Thing" sprang to mind as, not only is it one of my favourite SF/horror films, i actually think it may well be in my Top Ten Films Of All Time list.
So, i think of the film and almost straight away the idea pops in of a riff on the creature designs sculpted onto the plates. Each seperate unlike the last, so it could actually be worn if needed.
And almost straight after that, in pops the memory that i've got a pair of actual size, glass human eyes that someone gave me years back but i've never got round to using:

Mind made up then, and i knew that i wanted these eyes to be in the same sort of position as on "Split-Face" from the film, with its weirdly flowing skin connecting the two:

I also found this full size skull and i've thought about maybe cutting out the eye socket areas and have them incorperated into the build, but i'm now thinking no as i've a feeling anything jutting too far out from the surface may mess up the lines of the piece and distract from what it is.
Might use a bit of the mouth and teeth though.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Meka Dread

Here we go with a shot of the Youtube only featured build. Very pleased with how he's turned out and just how chunky he is in the "flesh".

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dakka Jet - yellows

So here were are based in a nice orange/yellow, with a paler yellow picking out some details.
Then a messy wash of Burnt Umber/Raw Umber to fill in all the deeper areas and show the detail. I've left it at that as, hey, they're Orks right? And a right messy bunch.
Next shot is with the blacks put in and decals put on.
Last shot, the pilot and cabin all done.