Saturday, 31 January 2015

Big Dredd - greens done.

That's all the greens done then. I've kept them rather bright a la the comics, rather than the film. I've also decided not to pick the pouch buttons in a different colour to the green, the only real difference being the "knuckle dusters" which i've gone in a darker, gloss green.
I've also done the metallic's on the Lawgiver, and picked out the display in red and blocked in the black around them in this pic.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Big Dredd - grey

I was having a ponder as to which to go with colour for his bodysuit.
I'd done it bog-standard black for past builds, so fancied something a bit different.
Did briefly consider doing a Jason Brashill electric blue, but i really like the mid-grey that he did for some covers, so tried a version of that:

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Big Dredd - green

So here we have the green parts done in the sadly defunct Games Workshop "Goblin Green", a colour i've found pretty darn close to what i'm after for these pieces and, luckily, had just enough of left in the pot to basecoat as here, with enough left over to do the washes/highlighting.

Big Dredd - base

Right, first part done and its the base.
I was going to go with a yellow/black chevron affair running alongside the grating detail, but in the end decided to keep it in quite muted colours so as not to distract from Joe.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Big Dredd - primed

Okay, let's go!

Big Dredd - hunky

The peg system on this kit is so good that the biceps are the only parts i'll be gluing before painting, so i can do everything in sub-assemblies. I'm not bothered by the gappy join on both to the torso as they'll be covered up by the shoulder pads.
Thought i'd show you before priming what a hunk this version of Dredd is - very reminiscent of Simon Bisley's muscular Joe as seen in "Heavy Metal Dredd".

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Big Dredd

Going from the teeny 1/24th Judge Dredd, attention now turns to the biggest kit of the fella that i've done yet.
Really looking forward to the build, the parts look to have nicely crisp detail and the pose is excellent (know you can't see that yet but bear with me).
Biggest shock though is his size - he's chuffin' MASSIVE.
He's meant to be 1/6th scale but unless ol' Joe is a giant, that can't be right - look at his head compared to my Roy Batty, which is a true 1/6th figure.
Not complaining though!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Judge Dredd - on duty

All done with the wee guy and here he is guarding my issue 1 of the new Dredd Mega Collection.
Had a real blast painting the fella and, as usual with my Dredd figures, i haven't gone the gold route with the shoulder pads.
As i've said before, they will always, always be yellow to me - that's years of pouring over the Progs Dredd covers and centre page during my formative years for you.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Judge Dredd by Dark World Creations

Being knocked out by the quality of the casting of the Judge Fear figure, i've gone next for ol' Chinface.
Again, superb quality, crisply cast parts which snip off the sprue no problem, have very little in the way of flashing, and part fit is SO tight that he can be assembled like this with no glue at all.
Dead handy as i'll be doing what i did with Fear - prime him like this, then remove the head, arms and shoulder pads for ease of painting.
I can't show it here as my Macro setting isn't that good, but the detail is so fine, the barrel of the Lawgiver is actually hollow!