Monday, 29 June 2015

Judge Fear - helmet set-backs

First plan to light up Judge Fear's helmet was to cut the LED strip into strips, one each behind each slot in the helmet and a couple either end of the eye holes, allowing me to see out in the middle.
Nixxed that as the LED's are so bright that you can see each individual one even through three layers of acetate.
I first thought of backing the acetate with frosted plastic to diffuse the light, but instead went with cutting a strip long enough to encircle the eye/slot area and have it on its edge pointing inwards, so the LED's would be visible from outside.

Pic 1: And that worked fine.
Pic 2: And looked pretty good from the outside.
Pic 3: Here's me son wearing and... not only can you see him in there, he's completely blinded by the things.

So, back to option 1 - back the acetate with a diffuser for the slot area and, fro the eyes, i'll check out the red glowing sunglasses that have been recommended to me by folk.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Cursed Earth Wanderer - chest armour

So this is the chest armour, made entirely from foam except for the goggles that form the basis of the gas mask, the hoover tubing, a plastic lid at the end of the rear tank, lighting gel in the eye holes and plastic chain at back.
The mask is permanently attached to the container and i figure that's some sort of filter system to deal with the irradiated air.
While i'm happy with the dull, matt and rusty finish, there's still stuff to do:
I'm thinking some sort of stripe on the mask to break the colours up a bit and add a bit of interest,
have lots of gadgets and things hanging form the bottom both front and back,
and the two pouches on the rear. I was thinking of removing them and putting real one's on, but now think i'll just add more "stuff" over the top of them to cover them up and hide their foamy origins.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cursed Earth Wanderer - pads

Here you go with some parts of the armour, and they're all made out of foam, with drawing pin for studs detailing.
The shin pads will be held on to my legs by just elastic strapping, and i've rusted them up a good deal more since switching to a Cursed Earth character.
The shoulder pad will be attached to whatever undergarment i use by heavy duty Velcro.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cursed Earth Wanderer

If you've been around here for a while, you may remember the Chaos Renegade outfit i was working on?
Well, i gave up on that project when i started my Judge Fear one and did intend to sell the Chaos one to fund it.
No go there - couldn't flog it as much as i tried.
So i was resigned to putting it up into the attic.
But on Sunday i was at a Con and a bunch of folk from a group i belong to, The Cursed Earth Drifters, were there in their Mad Max inspired outfits.
Marvelling at the amount of imagination that'd gone into the scratchbuilding on show, the lightbulb went on - why not change my Chaos into something from that world?
So, that's what i'm going to do, using Mad Max as the jumping off board but also Hardware, as i don't see my character as a driver nor a gang member with the mask/armour arrangement he's got, so more of a Wander Of the Wastelands, much like the guy at the start of Hardware, a nomad foraging the Bad Lands, trying to survive.
That's set then so lets have a recap:
The helmet has the Warhammer arrow icon but i can live with that. The rusting is just right and i'm thinking just a bit of sand/cat litter/Fullers Earth is needed to finish it off.
Ditto the arm protectors though, now it firmly Earth-based, i may put a logo on the bigger one to try and suggest its been cannabilised from something or other.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Biog Living Spaceship - done!

So, really decided to put the organ into organic spaceship, and here she is done.
Very happy i decided to change tack away from the garish version in the Prog.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Judge Fear - rusty pads

Nearly finished now with changing Fear's shoulder pads from a nice, clean metallic to a nasty, rusty, 'orrible finish - you'll tetanus or worse by just brushing by them.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Judge Fear - starting the lighting of the helmet

As i'm making the rest of Judge Fear's outfit look like you'd catch something nasty just touching it, i figure i've got to do the same for his helm.
But, all pictures of the fella clearly show that its shiny, therefore is still in pretty good nick.
To get around that, i've limited the weathering to some rust and dirt in the grills.
Not a good picture here, but i've also dirtied down the skull emblem.
And this is the start of lighting the helmet up - i'm using clear red gel, but three layers of the stuff to ensure no-one can see my eyes when looking in. That's worked, but not sure if, when the lights are on, you won't see them.
I'll cross that bridge when i come to and, to hedge my bets, i'm attaching the gel inside the helmet with Velcro so i can replace them if it doesn't work out.